NTC – Nike Training Club

The first time I signed up for  NTC  was at the gym with my friend Nadia, we really liked the intensity of it and the instructors always brought the right energy with them. After I ditched the gym I started working out on my own, absolutely love sprinting and running up and down bleachers, I ended up finding myself at my old high school quite a bit after that.

My cousin Samantha works for Nike and I follow Nike Women on Twitter which is where I first heard of the Nike Tour back in 2014(note: my cousin is my go to for Nike info obvs.). Back then I didn’t think driving to Santa Monica for a free work out was worth it.. It wasn’t until last year that it was being held in Downtown LA that I gave it a go. By this time I had no idea how out of shape I really was I struggled, ached, and felt embarrassed. After my first class I was hooked, signed up every week brought friends, went alone. I tend to be a creature of habit at times and a year later I am still showing up Mondays and Saturdays unless I’m traveling.

Words can’t even explain the energy that goes on during these classes, everyone is super encouraging, it’s very no man stays behind kinda feel, it is exactly what you need when you are giving up on yourself.

One of the biggest reasons I continue to go is *drumroll please* my anxiety, we all hear this often,  it’s not that surprising. The feeling that your life is falling apart, something bad is about to happen, feeling like you can’t breathe, on and on. Four years later I finally feel like I’ve got it somewhat under control, I’ve shown up after having a full on anxiety attack and have left feeling so much better. I’ve shown up after a shitty day at work, after an amazing weekend, vacation, moment and so on. Good or bad I show up because it makes me feel great about myself (losing some of the weight I had gained was the biggest perk).

One of my favorite photographers has captured some of my and everyone else’s  greatest moments while at NTC and I am forever thankful, John Jefferson check his instagram out.

All the images below were taken by John, enjoy.

Point Mugu

Point Mugu State Park is located in Malibu (think end of Malibu), and it’s one of my favorite places to hike. Discovered this gem last year and have tried to go any chance I get, it’s quite the drive for me so Spring and Summer are my times to go.

My cousin was in town from San Francisco her sister suggested we go hiking AND me being me told them it was worth it and we would go slow key words for strenuous. Hiking to me is so second nature at this point that I never really take into consideration other peoples stamina, the kids had a BLAST their mother on the other hand was struggling (love you kay). I had totally forgotten the length of the hike and the elevation(Chumash Trail is the steeper quicker way to the top, which is what we took).. This particular day ended up being SO windy, apparently in Los Angeles it was raining we were so far from it that it didn’t make sense as to why it was so effin windy. Everyone was being such a great sport about it, which is all I could ever ask of anyone.

The views are incredible and worth the struggle, please enjoy:

Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Started the year with a LONG list of things I wanted to do, and places to see, it is safe to say  that the universe had completely different plans for my life. Rainy days, long lines, demolitions, snow etc. have prevented things from happening it is still early in the year but fuck, what a way to start. I have my BIG trip in May which I’m extremely excited about but as of right now, I hope my little trips end up happening at one point or another.

Speaking of attempts Blanca and I finally went to downtown and walked around, took a whole 2 tries. Downtown LA is best on the metro if it’s accessible to you, I left my car at one of the stations and off we were. I’d been wanting to photograph the Walt Disney Concert Hall since my friends wedding in November. The design reminds me a lot of https://sandieadventures.com/2015/06/10/antelope-canyon/ I am that person that sticks to what they know and love.

Below is what I got from this trip:

Moody Beach Vibes

By now I am pretty sure it is obvious I love the ocean, I love clouds and hiking.. this past weekend my friend Nadia and I headed out to Sandie-a-Go. It was forecast to rain Sunday so we headed out Saturday morning. We were hoping that the sky would clear up throughout the day but it didn’t. I love going to the beach when its moody and cloudy, there is such a different feel that I can never get enough of.

This was our first time hiking at Torrey Pines, I had read that it was busy and they were NOT kidding. Once you get to the top the views are amazing and hard to capture it’s entire beauty but i tried, not really sure were we were going we ended up doing two of the trails. One was a loop and the other one lead to the BEACH! On our way back we ended up getting our shoes nice and wet, the curves on the cliffs vary. It was such a lovely walk on the beach a part of it was pebbled which i’d never walked on before.

After that we had lunch then headed to CRESCENT BAY! Which I had posted pictures of before I absolutely love that beach since the first day I went I try to go at least once a year. I was hoping we would catch a sunset but that didn’t work out due to the light rain.

Below Crescent Bay

Hawaii – Guatemala

One of the last things we did in Guatemala was a beach trip!! We didn’t spend that much time at my grandmas because we were always out doing things.. We also planned it that way because nothing scares me more than my grandmas. I will add pictures of her kitchen and the town, my parents both come from Nueva Santa Rosa (they’re not related i’ve asked and they asked their parents before they started dating…)

So here is the thing about my grandmas… her home is very open and there are HUGE spiders and what not, i love the silence and cold showers don’t get me wrong i can rough it out. But there are so many ghost stories that don’t sit well with me and terrify me. With that said the first night I did not sleep and almost caused myself a massive anxiety attack because that’s how my mind rolls.

We spent the last full day at the beach HAWAII in Guatemala WHAT? Seriously it was called Hawaii. We left my grams at like 5am and got to the beach around 9. Not before taking a fucking tiny little canoe with our van on it..we live life on the edge because that shit did not seem safe. Half way my dad was like oh there are piranhas here, so that happened.

We made it to the beach safely and I spent the whole day in the water (minus lunch time) the water was just so warm and clear, the waves weren’t knocking me down for a change. This was by far the best way to start 2016, there was something about that day that made the whole trip extra magical. Sometimes we get so caught up with life and take the little simplest moments for granted.

Without further ado.. here are the images!

(This is my grams stove from like the 1950s which is still being used)

Canal de Chiquimulilla

Can you tell I become obsessive? Also hey distraction

Guatemala – Dos

Here we go again. After Pana we headed to Antigua to spend New Years !!!! We checked into our hotel room and my mother and I went for a walk around the town. I couldn’t contain myself and had to get out and stay out as long as possible. I LOVE ANTIGUA! i love everything about it the people, the vibes, the cobblestone, the ruins! This has always been my favorite part about my trips to Guatemala. After our walk  I cleaned myself up and we had a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant then headed out to town.

Antigua, man oh man my new years eve will never be the same after this. EVERYONE gets together parties in the streets marimba playing, the good bye ceremony the grapes for good luck, dancing,fireworks and more fireworks. Just amazing. At midnight the fireworks go off and pretty much don’t stop till mid day!

New years day my sister and I woke up early to walk around take pictures while everyone was still sleeping.. I never sleep during trips it might be the adrenaline it just doesn’t work out for me. After breakfast I did some serious shopping (insert overly excited emoji here)

I’m really grateful for my parents love for their country and my aunt, they always teach us about the history. I think that is also the beauty of it all.

Please enjoy the images, I enjoyed photographing beautiful Antigua.

Guatemala – Uno

Cheers to the New Year! Been all over the place with my blog, but will try to maintain some sort of routine this year.

First up was Lake Atitlan, it was my first time here and as you can see was obsessed with the views. Our view from our hotel was this 5 min walk to the water, it was amazing. I am so going back to hike one of those damn volcanoes.. that is officially on my to do list. We didn’t have enough time this time around, but it will be done.

Enjoy the same view just different angles.

Maui WEST!

I’ve been absolutely horrible when it comes to updating my blog.. BUT ladies and gents Maui West aka the time my sister and I almost died #dramatic

Just like any trip I researched things to do must sees etc. I found a blowhole that was near our resort and decided to give a go. We started driving west and driving and didn’t see signs or actually knew where we were going for that matter. We stopped at a couple view points and kept driving.. At some point we decided we were just taking the scenic route and not bothering looking for the blowhole or beaches.

So about that “research” clearly it wasn’t that well since we ended up in a one way cliff to sum it up..We didn’t die obvs but did experience a traffic jam when a car was coming from the other direction and had to be guided by a local. There were 3 cars in front of us, which worked in our favor my sisters nervous wouldn’t have been able to handle all of that. Just imagine a little car on the side of a cliff… that’s exactly what happened to the car coming in the opposite direction. Maui West was stunning from every angle also extremely dangerous.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Perspective.


i’ve been wanting to do this post for quite sometime now.. But didn’t know how to start. Last year on my birthday I got into a very painful accident I was completely stopped and a man stopped on my car, leaving his licenses plate well imprinted on my bumper. I was in completely shock until I drove away from the scene and completely broke down. I just couldn’t believe it happened on my birthday aka my personal new year. I cried for about an hour had a busted lip and then still decided  go out with my friends, clearly running on adrenaline because the next morning I couldn’t get out of bed or move for that matter. This was followed by plenty of sessions at the chiropractor and a rental car.

Around this time last year i decided to leave a design job that I loved but wasn’t teaching me or letting me grow. I started 2015 jobless not really knowing what would come all I knew was that I was going to Paris in March and needed some sort of income. I’ve always been a hustler, my sister got me a temp job at USC for a while, I’m pretty sure I cleaned houses. There is no shame in my game you just gotta do what you gotta do.

I landed my job in February which was perfect that was my expiration date anyways so that worked out great. I’ve been extremely lucky, blessed, fortunate whatever you want to call it to be working for people who allow me to travel and some have encouraged it. At times I’ve felt extremely guilty for leaving for for a couple days, but honestly whatever needs to get done at work gets done.

All the trips I’ve taken thus far have been trips I didn’t think I would ever take, the Grand Canyon, Antelope canyon, Utah, Yosemite, Big Sur, Maui! And in a couple weeks Guatemala! For every single one of those trips I’ve known in my heart that it would work itself out and BOOM they have.

I’ve been super emotional about Guatemala because I haven’t gone in 5-6 years?  This is a place I’ve been traveling to since I was 5.. And the person to be waiting outside the airport won’t be there this time around. My grandpa the sweetest human that my mother loves dearly won’t be there. It’s such a bittersweet feeling because I get to see my grandma (they had been together for 60+ years) I’m both excited and sad about this trip. It’s my first time going with my dad. The first time I ever went, when we got back he was in the hospital because he had fallen off a roof (he was a contractor) and the last time I went…we got back he was in the hospital so I swore never to go back with out him. Overall I can’t wait to spend the New Years with my family (minus my brother and sister in law). I’ve spent a good amount of New Years in Guatemala and as much bitching (ungrateful teenager) use to do, I secretly loved going..

I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for me. I’ve already purchased my ticket to Morocco !!!! I have so many plans for new adventures. 2015 was magical over all it taught me that I CAN do whatever I set my mind to. And I can’t wait to test that out next year.