Month: April 2016

NTC – Nike Training Club

The first time I signed up for  NTC  was at the gym with my friend Nadia, we really liked the intensity of it and the instructors always brought the right energy with them. After I ditched the gym I started working out on my own, absolutely love sprinting and running up and down bleachers, I ended up finding myself at my old high school quite a bit after that.

My cousin Samantha works for Nike and I follow Nike Women on Twitter which is where I first heard of the Nike Tour back in 2014(note: my cousin is my go to for Nike info obvs.). Back then I didn’t think driving to Santa Monica for a free work out was worth it.. It wasn’t until last year that it was being held in Downtown LA that I gave it a go. By this time I had no idea how out of shape I really was I struggled, ached, and felt embarrassed. After my first class I was hooked, signed up every week brought friends, went alone. I tend to be a creature of habit at times and a year later I am still showing up Mondays and Saturdays unless I’m traveling.

Words can’t even explain the energy that goes on during these classes, everyone is super encouraging, it’s very no man stays behind kinda feel, it is exactly what you need when you are giving up on yourself.

One of the biggest reasons I continue to go is *drumroll please* my anxiety, we all hear this often,  it’s not that surprising. The feeling that your life is falling apart, something bad is about to happen, feeling like you can’t breathe, on and on. Four years later I finally feel like I’ve got it somewhat under control, I’ve shown up after having a full on anxiety attack and have left feeling so much better. I’ve shown up after a shitty day at work, after an amazing weekend, vacation, moment and so on. Good or bad I show up because it makes me feel great about myself (losing some of the weight I had gained was the biggest perk).

One of my favorite photographers has captured some of my and everyone else’s  greatest moments while at NTC and I am forever thankful, John Jefferson check his instagram out.

All the images below were taken by John, enjoy.

Point Mugu

Point Mugu State Park is located in Malibu (think end of Malibu), and it’s one of my favorite places to hike. Discovered this gem last year and have tried to go any chance I get, it’s quite the drive for me so Spring and Summer are my times to go.

My cousin was in town from San Francisco her sister suggested we go hiking AND me being me told them it was worth it and we would go slow key words for strenuous. Hiking to me is so second nature at this point that I never really take into consideration other peoples stamina, the kids had a BLAST their mother on the other hand was struggling (love you kay). I had totally forgotten the length of the hike and the elevation(Chumash Trail is the steeper quicker way to the top, which is what we took).. This particular day ended up being SO windy, apparently in Los Angeles it was raining we were so far from it that it didn’t make sense as to why it was so effin windy. Everyone was being such a great sport about it, which is all I could ever ask of anyone.

The views are incredible and worth the struggle, please enjoy: