Month: May 2014

Oahu Bliss.

North Shore OahuNorth Shore Oahu 2

North Shore Oahu three


Images above were taken off Kamehameha Hwy. Abandon Location

North Shore Oahu Four

North Shore Oahu Five

 North Shore Oahu Six

North Shore Oahu Seven

North Shore Oahu Eight

 Images above were taken at Turtle Bay Resort.

Oahu, Oahu, Oahu…the beauty of this island is incredible. I have a lot more images, but thought I should start where my sister and I were staying. Really enjoyed my stay at the Turtle Bay Resort, waking up to ocean views is all I need. One afternoon I had to just go near the water and take it all in, flooded with euphoria I just sat there for a good hour. Needless to say coming home was by far the biggest burden.

Begin Again.



Last year I started “Love,Sands” my first blog, which I totally gave up on within a couple of months of starting it. I follow really successful bloggers so I put tremendous pressure on myself. I am extremely excited to start “Sandie Adventure” this will definitely have a different tone to it than my last one. I want to put not only my inspirations, destinations, and of course my personal fashion, but everything  in between of what makes me, me. With that said here is to NOT giving up, and enjoying the ride.